Your hearing related questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clogged ears is most likely due to impacted earwax. Sometimes, the ear produces too much earwax which can build-up and become impacted. This can cause a clogged feeling, discomfort, and muffled hearing.

Almost everyone will experience some type of tinnitus in their lifetime. For many people, it will be temporary tinnitus and will only last for a few seconds. If your tinnitus is bothersome to the point that it affects your quality of life, you should seek help.

There are invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids that sit inside your ear canal. These devices are very small and incredibly discreet. If you are concerned about people seeing your hearing aids, we have many options that you will feel comfortable wearing.

Real ear measurement is the measurement of sound pressure levels in your ear canal that is developed when wearing a hearing aid. Our hearing specialist uses real ear measurement to ensure your hearing aids are providing you with the proper amplification to hear in different environments.

Yes, tinnitus can be temporary, only lasting for a few seconds then disappearing. Tinnitus varies greatly from person to person. Some people experience it occasionally while others hear it on a daily basis. Temporary tinnitus does not warrant a concern. If your symptoms of tinnitus disrupt your quality of life, then you should have your hearing checked.

The average lifespan of hearing aids is between 3-7 years. To get the most out of your devices, it’s important to bring them in for regular cleanings and maintenance checks. Hearing aid manufacturers typically release new technology every 3-5 years, and we’ve seen many people like to upgrade their devices sooner to take advantage of the new features.