Meet Michael

Michael was born in Guam USA but has lived in Hawaii, California, Greece, Spain, Florida and Newfoundland Canada. While working for an advertising agency in San Diego, he transferred to New Mexico in 1995 and has been here ever since.

He and his wife Barbara started a fundraising company, which they still own and have enjoyed operating for over 22 years.

At age 55 Michael began having problems hearing his wife's voice in noisy environments.  Having a friend in the hearing aid industry, he got his first set of hearing aids and was thoroughly disappointed. In a restaurant, all he could hear was background noise and still couldn't understand his wife.

He finally found a better solution, hearing aids that would let him control the microphones; by turning down background noise and focusing on his wife.

Having shown an interest and understanding of how hearing aids can work, the company owner asked him if he would be interested in working in the hearing industry. He was considering a life change anyway and accepted the offer.

After completing a two-year apprenticeship and passing his state practical and written exams, he continued to work with the large company for four years. Eventually, he decided he wanted to have more freedom in the amount of time he spent with each patient.

In order to be able to provide superior service, he opened New Mexico Hearing Aid & Tinnitus Center.

Our Mission statement:

Knowing that even a minor hearing loss affects a person’s social activity, cognitive functions, and their brain's ability to understand the sounds of speech. We are called, to ensure, a Patient that tests with even a small hearing loss receives the preventive medical benefits of being fitted with hearing aids that are within their budget and will fulfill the prescriptive needs of their hearing loss.